Dangerous goods (DG packaging)

Dangerous goods (DG packaging)

Packaging and transporting dangerous goods (DGs) are tasks that call for experience and expertise. IWS only employs professionals with long-standing experience of packaging and transporting such items. As is the case with our other services, we take care of things quickly and expertly, but always with safety as our priority.

Complete service

Do you want to ensure all the necessary steps are dealt with properly and safely? IWS can take care of all the work involved in the transportation of DGs, such as the wrapping, packing and repacking of shipments containing packaged hazardous substances. We will make sure that all DGs are processed with the greatest care, whatever form of transport you are using.

Inspection and DGD documentation

You can also call on us to inspect shipments containing packaged hazardous substances or to prepare documentation, such as a Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) form. We will deliver this form together with liability insurance that is effective worldwide, guaranteeing that any loss or damage will always be covered.  

Packaging materials

To ensure hazardous substances or dangerous goods are transported safely, specific packaging materials are required. We can supply every type of packaging material needed for your shipment, as well as hazard tags, labels and dry ice for transportation.

Advice and training

Do you want to know exactly what to look out for? IWS is always happy to advise you on the transport and storage of hazardous substances (ADR, IATA, DGR, IMO, RID and PGS 15). We also offer a range of training courses, including ADR, IATA, DGR, IMO, RID, Air Freight Staff and BAL.