Independent World Services at Schiphol Airport

Welcome to Independent World Services at Schiphol Airport

With us your air freight is in safe and experienced hands – from dispatch to arrival. Independent World Services is fully equipped to provide a complete range of logistics services within and around Schiphol Airport. We are an independent partner for air freight forwarders, airlines and air freight handlers. Supported by a worldwide network and with 20 years of experience and expertise to draw on, we can solve any logistics problem. IWS guarantees you the best possible service: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From dangerous goods packaging through to transport services, and from import/export handling through to project logistics, we are always there for you! 

IWS schiphol

Courier service iconCourier service

The IWS courier service is the ideal solution for all your small, critical shipments. All our professional couriers are qualified and have experience of delivering important consignments quickly.

Courier service iconTransport services

Your shipment needs to get from A to B. And it needs to get there safely, quickly and, most importantly, without sustaining any damage. Our transport services will ensure your goods are shipped safely and securely.

Courier service iconDangerous goods (DG packaging)

Packaging and transporting dangerous goods are tasks that call for experience and expertise. At IWS, we have highly experienced professionals in our team who will provide you with a quick and expert service.

Courier service iconOnboard courier service

Do you have an item that needs to be delivered from A to B with extra care? Or a critical shipment? If you use our onboard courier service, you can be confident that our courier will keep a close eye on your shipment throughout the entire delivery.

Courier service iconWarehouse

Independent World Services has its own 20,000 m2 warehouse at Schiphol Airport. Here there is more than enough space to store goods for short or long periods.

Courier service iconSpecial (large-scale) logistics projects

We can also help you coordinate and supervise any special logistics projects. Worldwide!