Our solutions

Our solutions

Solutions to your logistics challenges

We always like to go the extra mile. Is your logistics proving to be a problem? Then we will help you find a solution. Making sure your shipment reaches its destination is something we see as a challenge and there is nothing we cannot handle. Thanks to our extensive network and years of experience, we have the expertise to translate your logistics problems into solutions. Independent World Services (IWS) is an independent partner for agents and freight forwarders who import and export goods on a daily basis. We are the carrier if you have goods to ship to recipients worldwide. In addition, we have our own warehouse where you can safely store your goods and where they can be prepared for onward transport.   

Innovative automation

At IWS we want to simplify the logistics process for our customers as much as possible. That is why we have developed an online system: the IWS web portal. Here you can log in to your personal account. This portal makes it easy to register, send and track your shipment all the way to its final destination. You will get an update at each stage of the process. In addition to real-time information, you will also have a clear insight into all the customs documents, invoices and expected arrival times.

Problems = solutions

Do problems arise during your shipments, such as delays or incorrect documents? We will solve these problems on the spot. Our couriers and service employees are used to working under pressure and solving problems on a daily basis, and they will ensure that everything goes according to plan. With our extensive worldwide network and 20 years of experience and expertise, we know for a fact that every problem has a solution.

Renting office space

Are you a freight forwarder, airline or import/export agent? Would you like to base yourself at Schiphol Airport so you can communicate quickly and easily with carriers, airlines and customs officials? If so, you can rent office space from us. We have offices ranging in size from 50 to 200 m2. Please contact us for more information.