Independent World Services has its own warehouse at Schiphol Airport. This 20,000 m2 warehouse has been awarded the BREEAM quality mark “Very Good” and meets all current requirements: from a sprinkler installation to 24-hour security. There is plenty of space to store goods in bulk or on pallets for short or long periods of time. The warehouse also functions as a distribution centre. Here, shipments can be stored, managed and further processed as required.

Logistics warehouse

Our warehouse has been designed to handle all the activities needed in connection with your shipment, e.g. crossdocking, picking and packing, and the splitting of shipments. All goods will be carefully labelled and provided with a unique track-and-trace code, allowing you to track your goods all over the world at any given time. IWS offers agents and freight forwarders a complete import/export handling service for air freight shipments.

IWS warehouse services:

  • Pallet dismantling
  • ULD management
  • Splitting of shipments
  • Shipment storage and management
  • Temporary storage facility + warehouse licence
  • Rental of variable warehouse space for short or long periods
  • Crossdocking
  • Export deliveries
  • Imports (milk run)
  • Picking and packing
  • Customs support
  • Dangerous goods management
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • DG packaging